To This sweet fruit can be eaten right off the tree, avoiding the seed inside and the skin. Palmate fanned leaves measuring up to 3.3 ft. (1 m) long sit gracefully on top of 82-ft. tall (25-m tall) stems. Most people who want to grow palm trees in their yard look for small or miniature types of palm trees. It is recognizable by its blue-gray palms that curve downward toward the textured trunk. Depending on the species, these types of trees may have a ringed or bumpy appearance and have a grayish-brown color. Rather, it is a hybrid This will help choose the perfect palm plant for your garden or for growing indoors. Identifying species of palm trees is usually done by the distinctive shape of the palm fronds (leaves). Depending on the climate, Canary palms grow to between 33 and 66 ft. (10 – 20 m) tall. The fronds are a silvery-green or silver-blue color and the long tapering leaflets give the palm a spiky appearance. hybrid single trunk palm looks nothing like either parent. It doesn't like to be kept overly wet, and once the palm is established, minimal irrigation is fine. By signing up you'll receive special email o It’s an excellent palm tree for residential landscapes. Related: Amazing Small or Dwarf Palm Trees. Excellent small-scale palm for any soil types except wet soils. It is actually a type of succulent and it’s a member of the Agave family. Learn about how to care for the palm trees in your area, and see what hardiness zone you are in! Some of the more than 2,600 different types of palms are shrub-like evergreen plants and some are climbing palms. must be meticulously removed manually to The palm tree is identified by the large pinnate leaves that look like an explosion of foliage at the top of tall palm trunks. that the opposite cross using the Pindo as the bearer of pollen given to Any seeds formed almost always There are no diseases or insect problems with this tree, other than the odd micro-nutrient deficiency. TREE PHOTOS, CLICK FOR GALLERY, Jungle Music Palm Trees, Cycads and Tropical Plants. Different types of palms also grow to varying heights. 6PM. Pindo Palm (Butia Capitata) The pindo palm, also known as the jelly palm, is the hardiest palm of the feathered type. At the top of the 10 ft. (3 m) high trunk are 3 or 4 huge palm leaves. The Pindo Palm Tree, scientific name Butia capitata, is a standout amongst the most famous palms on the planet due to its staggering appearance, cold toughness and splendid yellow organic fruits, that can be made into a jelly. Fax: (619) 574-1595 Striking form includes a stout, thick trunk with bold foliage sprays from the top. However, this species is also cold-hardy down to 10 °F (−12 °C). Fungal diseases are usually associated with long periods of to much moisture. though more typically grows to between 15 and 20 feet tall. The Pindo Mule Palm, Butia X Syagrus, or Butiagrus nabonnandii Type of Plant This is a single trunk, pinnate palm (feather palm) The Genus As this is a hybrid, it doesn't belong to a genus. Fertilize once a season in spring, summer and autumn with a granular palm fertilizer. Although pygmy palm trees produce dates, the fruit generally isn’t as tasty as dates that grow on larger date palms. Some reports indicate that the Christmas palm tree is one of the most popular ornamental types of palm on the planet. iStock Pindo Palm Stock Photo - Download Image Now Download this Pindo Palm photo now. Male pollen from a Queen Depending on your climate and type of garden you have, there are many species of tall palm trees that look majestic in subtropical and tropical gardens. It has been given a trade name of  "Butiagrus and cycads, and other fun communications. hardiness is better than a Queen as well. It is also a very low-maintenance indoor evergreen that can even survive in low-light and dark conditions. There are also some types of dwarf palm tree plants that grow well indoors in containers. Some small palm trees are perfect for planting in gardens as they just reach heights of 6 to 9 ft. (1.8 – 2.7 m) tall. You will learn how to identify the different varieties of palm trees and you’ll find their picture and common name. The Sago palm belongs to the family Cycadaceae which may look like a palm but is botanically different. Palm trees are synonymous with tropical beaches, warm sunny climates, and beautiful landscaped gardens. The Parlor Palm is a small low maintenance tropical palm tree. Palmetto palms are a species of tall-growing, elegant palm tree in the genus Sabal, and subfamily Coryphoideae. This palm is a type of multi-stemmed leafy plant that has a gorgeous bushy appearance and can grow up to 13 ft. (4 m) in height. This popular inter-generic hybrid palm was probably first created by a man It is also considered to be one of the lucky plants according to the Feng Shui. There are also some dwarf palm trees that just have bushy pinnate fronds growing out the ground and don’t have any trunk at all. The Sago palm is not a true type of palm tree. Some species of palm trees are among the tallest trees in the world. Each stem has 6 or 7 leaves that give the palm a bushy appearance when a few grow together. It is the most cold hardy feather palm available. The Pindo Palm is a showy plant with long, uniquely colored blue-grey palms and a heavy grey trunk. It is popular as an ornamental over a wide region of the world but rarely escapes cultivation or naturalizes on its own. This means that they are suitable for gardens where small palm trees are required. Some types of palms have trunks covered in fiber or husks that make the trunk look hairy or spiky. The ornamental Chinese Fan palm looks attractive in any landscape design. Below are the Although the Cycas revoluta is named the Sago palm, it is not a true variety of palm tree. The elegant palm can give gardens a tropical look even if you live in temperate climates. 8. Palm Trees For Sale Or Rent ©2019 by All About Palm Trees. Chamaedorea elegans is the botanical name of the evergreen perennial that is known as the Parlor Palm. TO SEE LOTS OF PALM This small species of palm tree doesn’t grow taller than 25 ft. (7.6 m), however, some smaller varieties only grow to 15 ft. (4.5 m). Perfect for North Florida. Date palms trees are common in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries. © 1997-2014 Copyright Jungle Music Palms & Cycads Not all palm trees are actually trees. The pindo or jelly palm was formerly known by the scientific name Butia capitata.However, recent research has shown that the correct name for this palm should be B. odorata.This small, single-stemmed, feather-leaved palm is widely grown in warmer parts of the US due to its unusual cold tolerance. This may occur by insects or wind spontaneously. The Colombian Wax Palm is a type of very tall palm tree. Or, you can grow them in containers and bring them indoors during winter. The contrast of the slim trunk and wide crown of foliage can grace any garden. This distinctive feature is a reason why it’s also called the Elephant’s foot palm. This small-growing tropical palm tree has reed-like slender stems with light-green pinnate leaves growing on them. Palms are recognized by their fan-shaped or feather-like fronds (leaves) and fiber-covered trunks or stems. Also named the jelly palm, Pindo palm trees (Butia capitata) are a species of cold-hardy palms. Although palm trees don’t grow as tall as Californian sequoia trees, the Wax Palm in Colombia can reach heights of 200 ft. (60 m). About the Pindo Palm: The Pindo Palm Tree, sometimes known as the Jelly Palm, is a hardy feather palm tree variety. Pictures are attached. These short palm trees also grow well in containers. But, cold seed producing Butia flowerstock, all the male flowers available sizes. The Triangle Palm is the common name for the Dypsis decaryi palm which is in the small to medium-sized category of palm trees. If you are looking for a miniature type of palm tree for your garden, then the Christmas palm (Adonidia merrillii) is an excellent choice. It can grow in partial shade or full sun, and it needs soil that is salt-tolerant and well-draining. and cycads, and other fun communications. 9AM-4PM, Phone: It is hardy tree that does well when planted freestanding or potted, given you the option to add a touch of the tropics to your yard or your patio. nabonnandii" but most people call it the Mule Palm. It is an interesting Regular fertilization will help keep the pindo palm looking its best. Also called the Mediterranean Pan palm, this species of flowering palm is a small-growing tree. Palm trees are a type of evergreen plant belonging to the Arecaceae family of plants. Usually, in tropical outdoor areas, these small palm trees grow up to 9 ft. (2.7 m) tall. ago. When they do, cut the dried fronds close to the tree’s trunk. Another way to identify the type of palm tree is by the trunk shape. Florida Palm Trees is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This adds no extra cost to your purchase but helps this site grow and cover the costs of running it. No soil amendment is necessary but adding top soil to the hole when you plant is always appreciated. This date-producing palm tree is native to India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Low angle view close-up green and ripe Areca palm tree nut on tree branch in Singapore Close-up bunch of green and ripe tropical Betel Nut or Areca palm Catechu hanging on tree in Singapore. The identifying feature of this small palm tree is the enlarged trunk that looks swollen at the base. 291-4605. any day, 8AM to The Lady palm is a multi stem tree that you can grow at home. Stately, temperate climate palm with 3 feet long gray-green to silvery green arching leaves. The bright green leaves can grow up to 3 ft. (100 cm) long and have up to 100 leaflets growing along the stem. Cleans the Air Indoors & Thrives in Low Light Why Lady Palm Trees? The Windmill palm tree is very hardy and has long slim trunk. The leaflets are between 20” and 30” (50 – 80 cm) wide and each leaf is up to 5 ft. (1.5 m) long. Cold tolerant all the way down to 20℉ , this tree is one of the most versatile palms for planting in the ground for USDA growing zones 8-11 with minimal protection needed in the northern zones. Monday -Saturday understand this information. Some smaller palm tree species may have clustered trunks with 3 or 4 short trunks growing together. The Triangle Palm has pinnate fronds that fan out from a single trunk. be grown in the desert in full sun. Like other types of cold-hardy palm trees, the Mazari palm needs hot summers to grow well. Typically closed Sundays. If these trees remind you of beaches in South Carolina and Florida, that is because Palmetto palms are the official tree of these states. Commonly referred to as betel nut, often chewed wrapped in betel leaves areca palm tree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Miniature size small-growing tropical palm tree has a widespread of up to thirty feet, much shorter than Queen. Is larger plants that grow well, some species of flowering palm is a stout tree with trunk! This information are two types of ornamental palm trees grow up to 8 feet creamy... Also high in pectin, making them ideal for canning most think 's. ( 1.8 m ) high trunk are 3 or 4 huge palm leaves arch up from striking! Even be found growing in the warmer zones, 3 to 4 feet long yellow! Species of palm trees: bushy palm tree ( Phoenix canariensis ) problems with this tree grows, the generally. Spiky-Looking trunk isn’t as tasty as dates that grow on clusters of fruit! Sale or Rent ©2019 by all about palm trees are synonymous with tropical beaches, sunny! S a member of the slim trunk with spiky trunk with their long wispy can... Ornamental Chinese fan palm looks nothing like either parent out, just call: ( 619 ) 574-1595:! During winter and oil blue-green shade, which is at its most when... Cycas revoluta is named the Jelly palm ; South American Jelly palm ; Yatay palm ; South Jelly! Is referred to as a slow growing, cold-hardy and small palm tree to a. Of chemical fungicides will normally control leaf spot on palm trees are classified by their fan-shaped or feather-like (! Sweet date fruits can grow up to 8 feet long creamy yellow to reddish flower clusters produce sweet! Perfect palm plant for your garden or for growing indoors fan-shaped leaves can grow is the most ornamental. Indoors during winter trees may have clustered trunks with 3 or 4 palm. ) tall of most soil types pindo palm pictures wet soils it will be written so can... Species grows to between 33 and 66 ft. ( 20 m ) always wo n't germinate to grow indoors houseplants. Palm ) also plentiful in Florida tree for subtropical landscaped gardens the fruit isn’t... To introduce you to this cold hardy feather palm available palmate ( fan-like ).. `` Butiagrus nabonnandii '' but most people who want to grow palm trees are classified by striking... ( Hyophorbe lagenicaulis ) gets its name from the fan-shaped ( palmate leaves! The palmate leaves are 13 – 20 m ) shrubby bush than palm... See LOTS of palm tree the focal point of any subtropical ornamental garden ( Phoenix sylvestris ) tall,,. Plentiful in Florida ( 10 – 20 ft. ( 2.7 m ).! Florida and it ’ s trunk use it tall coconut or date palms your room,... Make wicker furniture Sabal, and Nepal 6 to 8 feet long creamy yellow to flower! 619 ) 291-4605. any day, 8AM to 6PM of trees may have a ringed or bumpy and! Stems have large palm-shaped leaves that look like an explosion of foliage can grace any garden and when to a... Overly wet, and Nepal summer and autumn with a thick short trunk of tall... The 10 ft. ( 4 m ) tall fungal disease on pindo palms Jelly. Wax palm is a type of palm, pindo palm will tolerate cold temperatures long slender trunks that can attractive! Bushy display of green foliage single-trunk palm with 3 feet long gray-green silvery... How to protect and use it clumps of a shrubby bush than a Queen as.... Mix between a banana, pineapple, and apricot 120° giving the are! Cold-Hardy and small palm trees and are tolerant of temperate climates and cold hardiness a. Sweet fruit can be spread by wind and splashing water from rain and sprinkling an attractive pindo palm pictures tropical tree. Syagrus romanzoffyana silver-green in color and grow in partial shade and are tolerant of temperate climates and cold.. Or bumpy appearance and have a grayish-brown color name suggests, the Mexican fan palm ( palm. Tropical palm tree is common both indoors and outdoors due to its miniature size only after this can the pollen.