You can use this method to cast pretty much anything in resin, pretty cool, thanks for the write up Ryan! no problem! so finally..the first try was perfect! Palle, great looking light lens. That turned out very nice. now and then, you see something on the internet, that you cant get out of your head!..a new idea to go for on your build! The first Tail Light assembly used on CJ-2A's is part number 640749. This video shows you how to replicate the turn signal lens of a Volkswagen. I dont wanna destroy the bumberguards, before i found out, wether i manage this or not! 1,045 6. carvelloafer. carvelloafer. (5) 5 product ratings - (1) NEW GENUINE OEM FORD 2016-2019 RH Passenger Tail Lamp Light XLT FB5Z-13404-A It looks time consuming but relatively easy. Like fatfenders, I too have been doing this for a while. I thought it was interesting. * Replaces GUIDE B31 light* Upgrade to an LED with the purchase of ABC3857! $12.66 $ 12. * This is a 12-Volt tail light assembly* The overall length (included lens) is 3.605"* The bezel has a… Thank you for the offer, David. Check here for special coupons and promotions. Casting molds are used to make replicas of all sorts of items. Those look incredible Palle. I'm going to try it on the Spartan side markers some day, they are an odd shaped teardrop lens. Cast Lenses. But for a quality part made of clear it must be completely bubble free and the surfaces must be absolutely smooth. 66. I got into making polyurethane parts (mostly for street rods and restores) a few years ago and I can tell you with no hesitation that casting good parts using clear polyurethane was the most difficult part of the learning process for me. well i decided to go another route..the wax female mold was very time consuming! same result! Matt was as always very helpfull, and found the right dye for me! 1932-42 Ford Tail Light Assembly Price: $37.00 . I hope you finally got your resin!!! More Buying Choices $12.51 (12 new offers) Optronics AST60BP Tail Light Lens for Passenger Side, Red. Thanks for sharing. Eshelman Molding & Casting : - Hudson before - 1948 Hudson 1948 - 1954 Hudson 1955 - 1957 Jewelry 1940 Nash 1941 Nash Other makes hudson, nash, reproduction, casting. DIE CAST CHROME PARTS - GASKETS. For small batches, you can get by with a Mity Vac brake bleeder but you need to mix the plastic thouroughly (spellig) in a stiff plastic cup and have a flat piece of plastic with a barb ontop to hook the MITY the glass is not really dry yet, but i couldnt resist! However, I am always able to recoup the costs by selling a few casts on ebay. $23.93. i even had two different colors from Germany..same result! They would keep the reflector lense from the inside that makes it DOT legal and have the outside custom like you want. more about this later! ... USA CLASSIC AMBER REAR INDICATOR LENSES. Die Cast Nut Covers; Specialty Nut Covers; Towing. and thanks again for the inspiration Matt! 1939 Ford Tail Light Assembly w/ Blue Dot Price: $33.00 : WARNING Some Product May Contain Chemicals, Including Lead Know to the State of California to Cause Birth Defects and Other Reproductive Harm. The pattern came out really nice. Tail Light Lens and Housing Compatible with 1980-1986 Ford F-150 F-250 F-350 Halogen Clear & Red Lens Set of 2 Passenger and Driver Side 4.9 out of 5 stars 17 $50.99 $ 50 . Beautiful work. I am planning on having a play with resin casting some soon, as a change to my formed plastic ones I have been doing for over 30 years. Once you make the mold, you can use it several times, at least until it breaks or cracks. it was Matt Townsend…he showed us how to do your own taillights, by using clear polyester, and transparent red color! the first, i made in wax..the pattern is from a kitchen drawer…haha! after this..i called half the country, I honestly bought like 5 different color dyes! so my 47 cadillac is the victim here! Vintage (1969 and older only) Travel Trailer Renovation and Repair Discussion. i wanted to make a pattern on the inside, to reflect the light better! You can get away with a lot more when making parts from solid color polyurethane because you never see the internal bubbles and you can always use Bondo or JB weld to cover up the ones that show, assuming you are going to paint the part. Step 1 this weekend, i decided that the pattern wasnt just like i wanted it to be! 4.7 out of 5 stars 355. -Palle. Check here for special coupons and promotions. i made 3 lenses..i think i might be happy about that some day! step is to cut the guard! In fact, I usually make a significant profit on the rubber and plastic parts I make. The main purpose of tail light lenses is to protect the tail light bulbs, diffuse your rear lights, and provide the colors needed to communicate your movements to the vehicles driving behind … It usually costs me around $60 to $80 in materials to create a master part, and a good silicon mold from that. I'm going to try it on the Spartan side markers some day, they are … Spaced a little while apart as I make time to post them. Ford Mustang various years. Stop Tail Turn Lights Trunk Latches; … PMMA is very clear and transparent. Bestsellers. but it looked cool! Participant. Home › Forums › CCC Forum › Kustom made taillights. The first step to casting your tail light lense is to warm your mold to help the resin cure properly in thinner sections. and i found out, this is the hard part! Very nice, looking forward to see them on your Cadillac. This will make the molds warm to the touch but should not be so warm that you can not hold onto them. It would be great to see it! thanks guys..this is good fun! Casting Tail Light Lenses . the company that sold me the silicone and the clear polyester..said: transparent red color!!? but I had my doubts when i saw this….and I was right! New die cast chrome fitted. Only, I've been casting rubber and plastic parts for restoring vintage motorcycles. Also, Photo credit goes to Henri Thomassen. The tail light lens is an inject-molded plastic cover that encases the tail light bulb and other electrical components inside the tail light housing. 99 This how-to was written up by Ryan, aka originalrumrunner, on the ChopCult forum. Pedestal Fender Double Face Stop Turn Tail Parking Light Round 42 LED Clear Lens. I am planning on having a play with resin casting some soon, as a change to my formed plastic ones I have been doing for over 30 years. Slowly pour your resin into the mold through the resin gate we … But, it's what you choose to DO about your dreams that counts. it was done by one of those guys you just have to hate! The only way I'm aware of is to have it online somewhere, then link to it, the same as must be done for photos. The Housing, part number 640866, is black in color.A black Door and Lens assembly, part 640565, was used up to vehicle serial number (CJ-2A) 45723. 1960-1961 Chevrolet Tail Light Lense with Glass Blue Dot. October 7, 2013 at 20:15 #6344. heres a little update! 1,045 6. For a tail light model I would use a stiffer mold material that they sell. also the color wasnt perfect! so I was pretty desperate..and decided to email Matt! they make everything look so damn easy and simple…you can only dream of having those skills! but in the meantime i decided to do a larger light, and use the hole top of the guard! a bit to pale! 4x12V 6"Oval 24LED Stop Tail Turn Truck Tractor Brake Light Red w/ Grommet Mount. Never to old to try and learn something new. shape and inside pattern are wonderfull…even more for a firstimer !!! That came at really great Palle. Fits: 1973,1974 Dodge Charger More Details » some years ago, a thread on the HAMB catched my attension! the next step is to cut the glass down to fit, and to cut the bumberguard! Marked with ORA in raised letters. You can make such a mold of your vehicle's taillight with silicone, a few household items and a little bit of mold release agent. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. This first installment will center around making the pattern of the tail light housing for casting and making the actual lenses, all using a vacuum former. Shop Online or Call 888-488-4695! Never to old to try and learn something new. Description: Mopar Lenses Tail Light Lens B-Body 1973 -1974 Dodge Charger OE style replacement tail light lens with the correct silver accent Priced per pair. Your lenses really look fantastic! We recommend 15-30 minutes at 150 F or 1 minute/lb of rubber on high in a microwave. You could add colours to the resin, but for multi colour lenses, you would need to cast them in individual colour pieces. -Palle. Guide to Tail Light Codes this has been taken down. Tail. I rubber banded the two mold halves back together and began mixing up my clear resin as per the manufacturers specifications. sad to say you may have to use my site to figure out what you have. The Board. …AT11883 * This is a 12-Volt tail light assembly* The overall length (included lens) is 3.605"* The bezel has a 2.885" O.D. i thought this was the coolest idea, and I just waited for the right car to start working on! especially the one with the Merc man in it! not that I had a problem with that, but i never thought it could be that difficult to find over here! -Palle, Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 60 total), This topic has 59 replies, 27 voices, and was last updated. How to Make a Replacement Tail Light Lens – Mold-making and Clear Casting Resin Demonstration from Smooth-On…. Fasteners Unlimited 89-187 Red Replacement Lens for Compact Tail Light. if you see something that i dont have please send me a good picture and all the info on the lens and ill try to post it up for others to help identify what they have. One piece two colour. It looks amazing to see the whole top of the guard done as taillight lens. Thanks for all the info FatFenders! Home; ... 1936 curved bottom tail light lens $25.00. Order Tail Light Lens/Assembly for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. if you have the info from the old page let me have … 1954 Chevy Large Bubble LEE Lenses (pair) 1955 Chevy Large Bubble LEE Lenses (pair) 1954 Chevy Small Bubble LEE Lenses (pair) 1956 Chevy LEE Lenses (pair) 1955 Chevy Buick Style LEE Lenses … You need to get a tail lights from ebay cheap and modify them to meet you need and make a mold. VK. Tailgate; Truck Bed Lights; Trunk. a new mold was made. I cant wait to see it cut down and on top of the guard. thanks…and Rik, you know how much thinking i put into this haha..only by practizing you get better! Thin-Line Zinc Die-Cast Double-Face Light. A friend of mine passed this link to me on casting tail light lenses. Those look really nice! Palle……you are the real deal! Clear resin is nasty stuff! Include an hour of labor at $100, and a tail light replacement cost can be $180-$300. so had a new mold made..and heres the result! How-To: Wing a Custom Taillight (Cast a Custom Tail Light Lens!) This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, Wall insulation and vapor layer need suggestions, Trying to prevent my trailer from being "Pinterested". It’s almost a shame to cut up those bumper guards, but not in this case! Assembly, Glass lens, Cast base & Chrome bezel, Original 3 3/8" x 2 1/4", Used - good lens, pitting on bezel, good base, bulb holder needs a new pigtail, very hard to find (Have 1) $50 Guide DU-51 Tail Light Brackets (7) Tail Lights-> (283) LED TL Lenses/Assemblies (34) LEE Lenses (22) Steel ... Shopping Cart. 0. the color was solid! A single tail light can cost $80-$100, and an assembly can cost $160-$180. Back Up (Reverse) MULTI COLOURED LENSES. 1937 Terraplane square pattern taillight lens $50.00. And I agree with Keith. Has a clear reflector bump like the glass original. I am going to see if I can find my spare Falcon tail light lenses, and see if I can render and make one (in my oh so copious free time). Thanks Buddy! thanks for the kind words! $47.63. Dreams are great. pure art! A friend of mine passed this link to me on casting tail light lenses. the result is amazing !!! Pontiac Trans Am various years. The … I can imagine how those light look at night… giving the whole rear of the car a red glow. Trailer Hitch Covers; Truck Bed and Tailgate. you should show a couple of your lenses! was - $26.59 | 10% OFF. Post Dec 27, 2011 #1 2011-12-27T22:30. so i took a 48 guard i had in my stash of crap! one was infact transparent, but contained some small black pieces i never figured out to get rid of! Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 6. This is what *real* customizing is all about……hand made and unique lenses… it!! was - $50.14 | 5% OFF. 1941 Hudson tail light lens left side SEN … Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35.00+. 55280. I hope this will give you some idea of the process. a bad idea, if your interested in using these as taillights! One piece three colour. New die cast … PMMA is the resin that is used for most original equipment taillight lenses and in sheet form is often known by the trade names of "Perspex" or "Plexiglass". this is what Kustom car building is all about! This how-to DIY video tutorial shows how you can replicate a tail light lens of any car using a Mold star silicone rubber mold and Crystal Clear optically-clear UV resistant resin. Especially when you hold the light behind it. Matt…please show some of your amazing taillights…and thanks for getting me started! Bert Gustafsson. Pontiac Firebird various years. Translucent filament is out there, it will just be a matter of selecting exact color (brands vary), and figuring out the balance of layers to transparency. Making tail light lenses etc Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, January 9, 2008 6:56 PM I have a 1:18th scale car i am blowing up to about 1/7th scale and wondering if anyone knows how i can replicate the lenses in … Eshelman Molding & Casting 1939 Hudson Tail Light lens ORA [28C] - Reproduction tail light lens for 1939 Hudson. This mold making how-to DIY video tutorial shows how you can replicate a tail light lens of any car using a Mold star silicone rubber mold and Crystal Clear optically-clear UV resistant resin… I like the pattern inside the lens. 4x 4.5" Trailer Tail Light Kit For Brake Car Boat Truck Signal Led Light 12V. 0 items. DEVIL 38 FORD Tail Light Lens Price: $20.00 . pretty easy to do with some silicone rubber! Knowing that a right hand light assembly will be added during the restoration, the clear and amber lenses on this left tail light were used as patterns to make the tail light lenses for the right tail light assembly. Some are kinda nasty and some are hazmat suit nasty, so please take the proper safety precautions. Palle, great looking light lens. I thought it was interesting. Need new tail lights? Order Trailer Tail Light Lenses & Parts for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Really good to know that kind of thing. the first thing was to make some molds of the guard! It looks time consuming but relatively easy. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35.00+. Anybody here casting taillight lenses? What did you end up using for the inner mold? "Air" and "gas" are your number one enemies. Chev Corvette various years . $10.50 Repair Water Damage / Rotted Frame From Inside?. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Universal Colored Head Light and Tail Light Vinyl Film. If you buy an aftermarket part and fix it yourself, the cost can range from $40-$90 for a single tail light and $80-$180 for a tail light assembly.